Some Notes On This Blog, Twitter, And An Upcoming Talk On Condo Law

Readers who regularly follow this blog may have noticed a few recent design updates.  Hopefully, they are improvements.  I have also added a page which describes a bit of the history behind the blog and my law practice at Beck & Lee.

I have also opened a Twitter account, updates from which will appear on the right side of the blog under “JARED BECK’S TWITTER FEED.”  For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a “micro-blogging” service which permits the quick and convenient broadcasting of short ideas, comments, and news items.  Because new developments in the areas covered by the blog have been taking pace at such a fast clip these days, the Twitter feature will allow me to post items of potential interest to readers, without having to write and edit a full article.  For those who also have a Twitter account, I encourage you to follow mine, which can be accessed here.

Finally, some may be interested in an upcoming seminar on “Florida Condominium Disputes and Litigation” scheduled for March 19, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, at which I’ve been invited to talk.  The agenda and fee schedule can be accessed here.  It looks to be a full day on some interesting and timely topics.

By Jared H. Beck, Esq.

This article does not constitute legal advice or the formation of an attorney-client relationship, and is not for re-publication without express permission of the author.

Mr. Beck has a law degree from Harvard Law School. His law firm, Beck & Lee Business Trial Lawyers in Miami, is dedicated to the practice of business and real estate litigation, as well as pursuing the rights and remedies of consumers and investors. A significant portion of Mr. Beck’s practice is devoted to issues arising under purchase contracts for real estate, including condominiums, condo-hotels, single-family homes, and commercial property. Mr. Beck is a member of the Florida and California Bars, and litigates in other U.S. jurisdictions in conjunction with qualified local counsel. He can be reached at 305-789-0072 or


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