Some Important Notes For New Readers Of This Blog

In the past couple months, I have received a noticeable uptick in calls from individuals who have been directed to my law office through this website.  The vast majority of these callers have a specific interest in my articles on the federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA) and Florida condominium law.  I can only conclude that the enormous inventory of condominiums scheduled for completion this year in Florida and other regions of the country is driving the heightened interest in my analysis of the law most relevant to those who signed a condo purchase agreement and are concerned about their legal options, due to bad and worsening conditions in the U.S. housing market.  Given the following that this blog has acquired, I thought it would be helpful to post a few points intended specifically for readers who have come across this site recently:

1.  To my fellow attorneys: I very much appreciate the many lawyers who have offered me their insights regarding ILSA and the condo law of Florida and other states, and taken the time to send me recent rulings and opinions.  This has been invaluable to the blog’s mission of tracking important legal developments and providing that information to the public.  I encourage my fellow attorneys to keep doing so — the best way to reach me for this purpose is by email at  Also, I hope readers will make more liberal use of the “comments” feature here, so that we can get a public discussion going as to the meaning and importance of new case law as it develops.

Lately, an increasing number of attorneys have inquired as to whether I am available to co-counsel on ILSA matters in jurisdictions such as Arizona, California, Georgia, and Nevada, among others.  While my practice is centered in Florida, I do occasionally take cases, including as co-counsel, in other jurisdictions, depending on the facts and circumstances.

2.  To members of the media: I have been making myself available for interviews on condo and real estate legal issues, and will continue to do so in the future as time permits.  Please feel free to set up an appointment by calling my office at 305-789-0072, or by sending me an email.  Note: if you leave a message, it is helpful if you provide a brief summary of the story on which you are working and any deadlines you may be facing.

3.  To condo buyers: Some of the recent callers to my office who have mentioned that they are readers of this blog have been condo buyers seeking legal advice with respect to their purchase agreements.  I highly encourage those in this position to have the condo documents — and especially the contract — readily available when calling, as it facilitates the process of providing advice on potential options.  Given the growing number of buyers who are calling my office after having visited this blog, I thought it would be helpful to link back to one of my popular older articles titled Choosing An Attorney For A Florida Condo Contract Case: It Pays To Do Your Research.  And just a reminder: while as an attorney, I am equipped to offer legal advice, I suggest those looking for insight into the real estate market itself — such as the latest closing rates in various projects and predictions as to when the market will bottom out — get in touch with a knowledgeable real estate guru such as Lucas Lechuga.

Also, I have established a new section at the bottom of the blog called “resources” for the purpose of collecting key links, including on-line versions of ILSA and the Florida condominium statute

By Jared H. Beck, Esq.

This article does not constitute legal advice or the formation of an attorney-client relationship, and is not for re-publication without express permission of the author.

Mr. Beck has a law degree from Harvard Law School, and practices law in the courts of South Florida.  His law firm, Beck & Lee Business Trial Lawyers in Miami, is dedicated to the practice of business and real estate litigation.  A significant portion of Mr. Beck’s practice is devoted to issues arising under condominium and other real estate purchase agreements.  He can be reached at 305-789-0072 or



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