Real Estate And Housing Industry Outlook From Mike Morgan

Anyone interested in serious, cut-to-the chase analysis of the tanking U.S. housing market should check out this report from Florida-based Mike Morgan.  Unfortunately, it looks like Mike is going to be cutting back on the number of reports he generates for public consumption — too bad for the public!



  1. F D

    First I will make a huge difference between houses build in Florida, where it is obvious that too many of them were built.
    Second, regarding condominiums in Miami, too many also have been built, but Miami attracts a lot of attention, from the USA as well as from international countries in America and Europe. It will surely play somehow, but we don’t know how.
    I think that the nice units with nice views will hold their own. The bad units will go down, I agree.
    Last, I don’t like this guy’s style. No need to be angry at other people who stay in their offices. No need to tell everybody that you are in the trenches. Just stick to the facts, we don’t need more drama.
    Best regards.
    FD @ Condo Hotel Miami Beach

  2. Mike Morgan

    Here is a link to one of my public blogs for those that want upated info since Jared posted the September 2007 piece I wrote. Since then I have had a full page article published in Barrons and I wrote a piece about the coming Depression. As of today, June 19, 2008, I don’t see any way to avoid it. Guys like the post from FD still have their heads in the clouds, trying to sucker in buyers to condos that are far overpriced. I am proud to say, not one of my clients that followed my advice has lost a single penny. In fact, all of those that have followed my advice have far exceeded 25% returns for the last few years. Here’s one of my public blogs – You can find the Depression article here, and a piece I just finished . . . Banks Closed Till Further Notice

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